Making your Strava API Application available to the public

In my last 2 posts I described the process for getting and displaying your Strava user information and some basic activity data on a web page. 

By this point you should have already obtained access to the Strava API and got your Strava data through an API request, if not, then you have some reading to do before you can carry on, please go back to my earlier post to get the steps to getting access to the Strava API.

If you have already gone through my earlier posts and got your Strava data onto a web page, then you would know that the data that was returned was linked to your own Strava account only - this is because we got the data using your Strava 'client_token'.  

In this post I will describe the process for creating a website that anyone with a Strava account can log on to and have their own information displayed.

To get started, the below is the entire php file that we have created in my past posts, we can use this as a starting point and add the pages and code we need to mak…

Working with the Strava API's Activity data

In my last post I described how to set up your Strava API, make a simple request to obtain your Strava user data and display it on a web page.  In this post I'm going to get into the more fun stuff: activity data.

There are two types of activity request, these are:

getLoggedInAthleteActivities: Returns a list of the logged in user's activities along with a summary of basic details for each of them such as distance, moving time, etc.getActivityById: Returns a single activity with a high level of detail, including segment efforts, photos, etcFor this post I'm going to describe the process for obtaining the list of athlete activities with basic level data.  You may be thinking 'if there's a way of getting all of the activity detail, why wouldn't we just do that?' to explain why I need to first explain what 'Rate Limits' are.
You may have seen this in your Strava App settings page:
What this means is that the amount of requests you may make to Strava for da…